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Members of the CMC, SC and Staff after attending the Strategic Planning Workshop on 8th & 9th March, 2019 at the Ambassadeur Hotel – Nairobi. On the background is Reli Co-op. (Finlay) House.


Relisa Housing Co-operative Society Limited, (formerly Finlay House) was registered as an entity on 21st December, 1998 drawing its membership from within the common bond, then, members of Reli Sacco Society Limited.


A leading one-stop Housing Co-operative Society providing diversified products and services.


To invest members’ funds in most viable and secure ventures through prudent management to secure maximum returns, growth and sustainability.


  • Integrity   Efficiency      Equity
  • Teamwork            Effectiveness
  • Professionalism Transparency
  • Commitment Timeliness


“Together, each one achieves”


The objective of Relisa is to help members acquire living accommodation and livelihood at a fair and reasonable price through investment in land and houses.

  1. What is Relisa Housing Co-operative?


This is an Investment Co-operative Society registered 1998 and drawing its membership from within the common bond, then, members of Reli Sacco Society Limited.


Membership currently stand at 12,528.



  1. When was it formed?


It was registered on 21/12/1988  under the Co-operative Societies Act, Cap 490 and its first Annual Delegates Meeting was held on 29/04/1999 at the Co-operative College – Karen, where the Delegates ratified the By-laws.


  1. What are the objectives of this Housing Co-operative?


The objective of Relisa is to help members acquire living accommodation and livelihood at a fair and reasonable price through investment in land and houses.


  1. How do I join?


You join by first filling in a Membership Application Form which can be found at


The application fee is Kes. 3,000 and the Share Capital is Kes. 20,000 which you can opt to pay via Cash, Standing Order, or M-Pesa – Paybill.


  1. Is it a must that I pay the Kes. 3,000 entrance fee and the Kes. 20,000 Share Capital at once?


You can pay the Kes. 3,000 and Kes. 20,000 at once or in installments as follows;


  1. i) Pay the Kes. 3,000 entrance fee in three installments at Kes. 1,000 per month.


  1. ii) Pay the Kes. 20,000 minimum Share Capital at Kes. 1,000 per month until you reach Kes. 20,000.


  1. Is the Kes. 20,000 the maximum or I can save more?


Kes. 20,000 is the minimum but members are encouraged to save more by way of deposits. Through deposits, you will be able to earn interests and also acquire land / plots and also get loans to develop the same.



  1. How will I be making Contributions?


You can make your savings / contributions from your payslips, by having a standing order from your Bank account, by cash deposited at the designated Bank account, by cash remitted to Relisa Housing and by cash through M-pesa Paybill.


  1. Where is Relisa Housing Co-operative located?


Relisa Head Offices are located in Nairobi at Reli Co-op. House – 6th Floor. It has 10 Branches; Mombasa, Voi, Nairobi Main, Workshops/Supplies, Karatina, Naivasha, Nakuru, Eldoret, Bungoma and Kisumu from where you can be assisted.


  1. When will the Relisa begin to buy land?


This will be communicated to members and the general public from time to time once funds become available.


However, over the years the Society has created wealth for its members through assisting them to acquire land at strategic locations around Nairobi City at very attractive, below the market prices. So far, we have sold plots in the following areas;


Mavoko / Katani Plots:


Located in Machakos County, 2.6Km off Mombasa Road and next to Mlolongo Town, in a highly developed neighborhood, the plots measured 40 x 60 and each sold at Kes. 65,000/=.


Ruai Plots:


“Photo of a Ruai Plot buyer already starting construction”


Located in Nairobi City County, right along the Eastern Bypass and 1.0Km off Kangundo Road, the plots measured 40 x 60 and each sold at Kes. 255,000/= for members.


K.B.C. Plots:


“Photo of an already fenced KBC Plots ready for construction”

The 50 x 100 plots retailed at Kes. 200,000/= for members and Kes. 250,000 for non-members. The plots are 2.0Km from Kangundo Road and behind the KBC Sub-Station in an already developed neighborhood.


NB: Prices inclusive of; Title Deed processing fee and surveying costs


Currently, the Society wants to embark on implementing a 5 year Strategic Plan and which has a lot to do with land buying and selling. More details are explained under the Strategic Plan 2019-2023.


  1. Will the Members be able to get loans to buy properties?


Once the fund is created and members accumulate deposits, members will be able to borrow loans for any purpose directly concerned with acquisition of property (land and houses)


  1. Can anyone who is not an employee or former employee of Kenya Railways Corporation be allowed to join?

Yes, the Society recently amended its By-laws and which opened the common bond in order to attract new membership. To be a new member of Relisa, one must be within the following Common Bond;

  1. i) Is a past or present employee of the Kenya Railways Corporation and its Subsidiaries such as; Rift Valley Railways, Railways Training Institute and Kenya Railways Retirees & Pensioners Scheme.
  2. ii) Is a Member of Immediate Family; Parents, Spouse and children of the members, whether or not residing in the same household, including any other person nominated by the member.

iii)  Is a nominee upon member’s death or transfer of shares while still alive and approved into membership by the Management Committee.

  1. iv) Employees and past employees of Reli Sacco and Relisa Housing Co-operative Societies and their immediate family members. Provided that they shall not become members of the Management, Supervisory or any other Committee of the Society except as specifically specified in these By-Laws.
  2. Who are the Board of Management and Staff of Relisa Housing?


The following are the members of the three Committees currently in place;


The Executive Committee / Board:


This Board is charged with the day-to-day operations of the Society and its members are:-


Mr. Michael Sande Dallah            –           Chairman

Mr. Iddi Omari Mwinyi    –           Vice Chairman

Ms. Sarah A. Kiwanuka    –           Hon. Secretary

Mr. Stephen O. Juma                    –           Treasurer


The Central Management Committee / (the Board):


Is the governing body of the Society and subject to any directions from the Delegates Meeting, it generally directs the affairs / operations of the Society and its current members are:-


Mr. Michael Sande Dallah            –           Chairman

Mr. Iddi  Omari Mwinyi   –           Vice Chairman

Ms. Sarah A. Kiwanuka    –           Hon. Secretary

Mr. Stephen O. Juma                    –           Treasurer

Mr. Clement Karani                      –           Member

Mr. Aggrey W. Mbai                    –           Member

Mr. Washington Kulundu             –           Member

Mr. Phillip A. Wokinda    –           Member

Pst. Perez Cherop              –           Member


The Supervisory Committee:


This is the watchdog of the general membership charged with over-seeing the operations of the Society and ensuring that the Internal Control System, procedures and operations are effectively and prudently administered. Its current members are:-


Bsp. Raphael B. Omondi Odawa-            Chairman

Pst. Margaret Emali                      –           Hon. Secretary

Mr. Jackson Tito Kinyili   –           Member



The Staff:


The Society has enlisted three members of staff who carry out the day to day business of Society under direction of the Central Management Committee.


Mr. Stephen O. Oduor                  –           Manager

Mr. Dennis W. Wambongo           –           Office Assistant

Mr. Robert K. Langat                   –           Office Assistant


  1. What are the advantages of joining Relisa Housing?


Members will be able to access the real estate market through the Society.  Relisa will be able to negotiate better prices for different properties therefore giving members better prices – value for money.


Members will also be able to save and access real estate easily and many more advantages such as; due diligence searches on land.


  1. Can the Society build for me if I have my own land?


Currently we are yet to do that. However, in future once the Real Estate Development Fund is set up and the funds are available, this can be considered.


  1. How do I make Contributions / Payments to the Society?


The Society has registered an M-Pesa Paybill Number that allows you to pay direct from your Mpesa to our Co-op. Bank Account. Simply follow these steps;


  1. Go to M-Pesa Menu
  2. Choose Pay Bills
  3. Choose Paybill Number – 400222
  4. Account Number – 399635#Check/Member No.
  5. Type the amount you want to send i.e. 1,000/=
  6. Confirm the transaction.
  7. Once complete, you will receive the transaction report and the same is sent to Relisa for update.

For further assistance reach the Cashier on 0712 347 235, 0712 347 395 or the Manager on 0722 803 149.